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Adding Clockings

    When employees forget to clock or clock incorrectly, you would need to either Add, Change or Remove some clockings.


    To manually add a clocking, proceed as follows:

    Select the ‘View Employee Information’ button form the task bar on the left hand side of the main window in the CS Time User Module.





    Once the employee has been highlight, select  Clocking_link.png to display the ‘Browse Employee Clockings’ window. Select the Add_button.png button and the ‘Update Clocking’ window will be displayed.




    Enter the correct date, time  and direction for the clocking needed and click on the Ok_button.png button.


    Similarly, click on the Change_button.png button to change the clocking or the Remove.png button to remove a clocking. Once the clocking has been removed, a red cross will be displayed on the left of the clocking and the information will also be a lighter grey text.   


    Adding Clockings - 3.png


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