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Extend period CS Time keeps data for

    CS Time only keeps the data for one year - how do I extend this period?

    When CS Time is installed it will only keep specific data younger than 365 days.  The data files affected are: clockings, daily hours, warnings and leave.


    You can change the Auto-delete settings to keep the data in the above files for up to 9999 days (that's approximately 27+ years).  To do so, go to the Configuration Module and open the System Options .

    Click on the Auto-Delete option under the Processor section and change the number of days next to each file.


    Extend period CS Time keeps data for - 1.png


    You can also set the time during the day during which auto-deletes must not happen. Usually this is set to happen after the previous day's hours has been processed and after normal working hours.




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