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No clockings

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    1. 1. Is the Server Module open?

    If there are no clockings it could be caused by two things:

    · The Server Module is not running

    · The employees did not clock (Could be due to clock not working)


    Is the Server Module open?

    The Server Module is required to be open for the collection of clockings and processing of the hours.

    If the Server Module is currently not running, the following red block will be displaying on the main window of the CS Time User Module.



    If you are not the only CS Time User, please consult your IT / support consultant first. It might be that the Server module runs on the Server and not your local computer.


    To open the Server Module again, click on your Start Menu , All Programs, CS Time and then Server  Module. The Server will start and the red block displayed in the User Module should disappear or display the items left to process.


    No Clockings - 2.png


    Wait a while for the system to collect all clocking and process the hours. If the clockings are still not displayed, please contact your support Consultant.


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