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    What is the default login and password?

    The default login is demo and the password is also demo.

    How can I recover my lost password to CS Time?

    If you are a CS Time operator, contact your CS Time supervisor to recreate your login and password.  If you are the CS Time supervisor and there are no other supervisors setup in CS Time, please contact your supplier for assistance.

    CS Time passwords cannot be recovered - the user must be removed from the system and recreated.

    How can I change my CS Time password?

    See the document on Module Security on how to change your password.

    When I open CS Time it immediately logs me in. How do I change it to ask for a login and password?

    Go to the Tools menu in the User module and click on Clear Saved Login Details. When you close the user module and then open it again the Login window will be displayed.



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