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Server not in Task Tray

    I cannot see my CS Time Server module in my task tray

    Your CS Time Server has been installed as a Windows service.

    Under Windows the icon displayed in the task-tray is bound to a particular "desktop". If you start a program on one user's desktop, and then switch to another user (i.e. another desktop) the icon does not appear. This is the way Windows works.

    From Windows 2003, services use their own desktop. Where in XP the services might "attach" to the first user's desktop, this is no longer the case (and it's safe to say never will be the case again.) Thus the icon appears, just not on any desktop you can see.

    For Terminal Services, each user connecting to the system gets their own desktop. This has always been true for terminal services. So the icon never appears when running as a service, under terminal services.

    Of course if the server program is started manually, as an exe, then the icon appears (only) on the desktop that started the program.


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