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Running Totals - Using the Balancing Option

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    Running totals can either be configured using a script that was written or using the Daily Shift Balancing option.   For example if the maximum normal time is set to 8 hours, then any excess can be moved into Flexi+ time and if less than 8 hours is worked it must be taken from Flexi-.

    To use the Shift Balancing option to perform Running Totals, proceed as follows:

    1. In the Browse Daily Hours window, select the required Shift that is to use Running Totals and then select the Balancing settings option.
    2. Click the Add button to add a new balancing rule.
    3. Double-click on the category in the Category column and use the dropdown list and select the Total Shift Category that was created (Flexi).

    4. Set the minimum time (Min column) for the minimum time to be worked (8:30). Double-click on the Get From category and select the Subtract Shift Category (Flexi-) from the dropdown list. Now if the employee works less than this Min time then hours will be added by subtracting time from the flexi time category to make up the difference.
    5. Set the Max time for the maximum hours (8:30) and select the Add Shift Category (Flexi+) in the Send to category column. Now if the employee works more than the defined Max hours, the additional hours will be sent to the flexi time category.

    6. Once the fields have been defined, select Save to save the settings.

      Now when Daily Shift calculations are performed the Balancing for Running Totals (Flexi Time) calculations and adjustments will also be executed.


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