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Making a Backup

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    1. 1. Backing Up Your Data

    This document only applies to the Topspeed versions of CS Time i.e. the modular version and the Unified edition.  For SQL installations the SQL backup function must be used.

    The Backup utility helps you create a copy of the CS Time information on your hard disk. In the event that the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or overwritten, or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can use the copy to restore your lost or damaged data.

    Backing Up Your Data

    To backup your CS Time Data, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Backup Module.
    2. Choose the Backup Data! toolbar option or click on the Start Backup BackupIcon.png button and the Back Up Data window will be displayed.

    Making Backup - 1.png

    1. Type in the appropriate drive and path to be used for backing up or use the select button to map the drive and or directory.
    2. The Email Data To Support Staff when done check box enables you to select that an email will be sent providing the support staff with an attached copy of the backup file. This option is only available if a support email address has been entered in the Configuration Module.
    3. If you want the module to close after completing the backup, select the Close Backup Module When Done check box (displays a tick mark).
    4. Click on the Start button.
    5. Click on the Continue button to start the backup process.
    6. After the backup has completed, the Backup Completed window will be displayed identifying that the backup was successful. Click on the Ok button to close the window.
    7. To close the module, select Exit from the File dropdown menu to close the Backup and Restore Module.


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