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Edit a daily shift

    Change a Daily Shift

    To Change an existing Daily Shift, proceed as follows:

    1. In the Browse Daily Shifts window, select the Daily Shift to be changed and click on the Change button. The Update Daily Shifts Details window will be displayed.


    Daily Shift-2.png


    1. Select the General settings option and change the Description and Colors as required. If a Macro is to be run when processing this daily shift, select the Macro settings option and select the required macro.
    2. Click on the Ok button to save the changes.

    Remove a Daily Shift

    1. Select the Daily Shift to be removed and click on the Remove button.
    2. When the Confirm Delete window is displayed, select Yes to delete the selected Daily Shift. The Daily Shift will now be removed from the list. 

    Note: The Daily shift will ot be able to be deleted if it is currently allocated to a payroll shift.

    Copy a Daily Shift

    1. Select the Daily Shift to be copied and click on the Copy button and the Get Daily Shift Code window will be displayed.

    Daily Shift-10.png

    1. Enter a new shift code for the copied daily shift and then click on the Ok button.
    2. The copied daily shift will now be listed with the new defined Daily Shift Code.
    3. Click on change to chnage the description of the shift if required.


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