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Clock Messages

    The type of Clocks and Controllers used determines if this option can be used or not. The settings here are only for the use of Cape Clocks and Controllers. Using this option, you can customise the messages that can be displayed on the LCD’s of the units.

    View Messages

    To view the CapeClock messages, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Clock Messages option from the Setup / Clocks drop-down menu. The Browse CapeClock Messages window will be displayed.



    The options available from this window are:

    1. Message List. This is a list of all available messages and provides the Default message, the Message that will be displayed on the LCD and the maximum Length (in characters) that the message can be.
    2. Copy All >> button. This button is used to reset the Messages to be displayed to that of the Default message.
    3. Send To button. Used to send the current list of Clocking Messages to the printer, save it as a file or to email it to an email recipient.
    4. Change button. This button is used to change the Message of a selected message in the list.
    5. Close button. Used to close the window.

    Changing a Message

    To change the message to be displayed, proceed as follows:

    1. When the Browse Cape Clock Messages window is displayed, select the message to be changed and then click on the Change button. The Update CapeClock Message window will be displayed.


    1. Type in the new Message that is to be displayed on the device’s LCD in place of the Default message. The new message must not be longer than the displayed Length (in character).
    2. Select the Ok button to save the new message. This message will now be displayed on the device in place of the default message.    

    Note: There are 5 messages that are User Defined, namely User 1 to User 5.

    Reset to the Default Messages

    To reset the device so that the default messages are to be used, proceed as follows:

    1. When the Browse Cape Clock Messages window is displayed, select the Copy All >> button. All changed messages will be set back to their defaults.


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