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Daylight Savings

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    1. 1. Set Daylight Savings

    If required, this option enables you to define when Daylight Saving adjustments comes into effect and by how much the time is to be adjusted. This will enable all the hardware clocks to be automatically corrected.

    Set Daylight Savings

    If Daylight Saving is to be used, proceed as follows:

    1. Select Server Options from the Setup / Server drop-down menu and then select the Clock Time settings option. The Update Server Settings window will be displayed.


    1. Use the On Date select button to set on which day the Daylight Savings settings are to come into effect.
    2. Enter the time for the selected day when the settings are to come into effect in the At Time text box.
    3. Enter the amount of time by which the clocks time is to be changed in the Change Clocks by text box.
    4. Select if the time must be added (Forwards) or taken away (Backwards) from the current time.
    5. Select the Ok button to save the Daylight Savings settings.

    On the day selected and at the time defined, all clocks will automatically be advanced or delayed by the required time difference.


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