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    The Jump-Start function is a CS Time wizard which will help you setup employees, create basic shifts, assign cards etc. When CS Time is started for the first time, this option will open automatically and can be followed to correctly set the minimum system requirements in order to operate. Once all the steps have been completed, the Jump-Start option will not reappear again but can be recalled at any time by using the Jump Start drop down menu or the Jump Start toolbar button.




    The options available are as follows:

    1. Employees. This option enables you to setup the system with the minimum configuration and information required to function.
    2. Classifications. This option enables you to select and define the types of employee classifications you wish to use and also allocate them to employees.
    3. Leave. This option enables you to define all Leave related information such as public holidays, the types of leave, leave allocation, etc.
    4. Reports. This option is used to select which reports and payroll extracts are to be used, to set up automatic generation of reports and also web based reports.
    5. Job Costing. This option is used to define Job Costing related information.
    6. Access Control. This option is used to define and set access rights and other access related information.
    7. Human Resources. This option is used to select and define the HR options that are to be used.
    8. Shifts. This option is used to define the daily and payroll shifts to be used.


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