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Editing a payroll shift

    Change a Payroll Shift

    To Change an existing Payroll Shift, Proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Payroll Shift to be changed and click on the Change button. The Update Payroll Shift Wizzard window will be displayed.


    Payroll Shift-1.png


    1. Make any changes necessary to each screen, as you navigate through them using the next button.
    2. Besides changing the Payroll Shift description, Start Date, etc, you can also make changes to the Daily Shift used, Balancing Rules, Holiday Rules, etc. The sections available are:
      1. Default. Here you can configure the day name and also select the daily shift to be used for each day.
      2. Balancing. Configure the Payroll balancing rules in this section.
      3. Rounding. If you would require the hours to be rounded to the nearest 15min for example, it can be configured in this section.
      4. Holidays. Configure the rules that apply to employees on a public holiday or when taking leave.
      5. Options. Configure clocking direction overrides and Pay on day out settings.
      6. Macro. Assign macro scripts which would apply to this payroll shift.


    Remove a Payroll Shift

    1. Select the Payroll Shift to be removed and click on the Remove button.
    2. When the Delete confirmation window is displayed, click Yes to delete the selected Payroll Shift. The Payroll Shift will now be removed from the list.


    Copy a Payroll Shift

    1. Select the Payroll Shift to be copied and click on the Copy button. The Get Payroll Shift Code window will be displayed.

    Get Shift Name.jpg

    1. Enter a new Description Code for the copied payroll shift and then click on the Ok button.
    2. The copied payroll shift will now be listed with the new defined Payroll Shift Code.


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