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System Features

    CS Time has many features that when selected can enhance the system.

    Note: The Features that are available will be dependent on the CS Time System Level and optional modules that have been registered.



    To open the Features options select window, proceed as follows:


    1. Select the Features option from the Setup dropdown menu or click on the Edit the System Features toolbar button and the Turn features On and Off window will be displayed.

      System Features - Classifications.png

      Using the settings options on the left side panel of the window, the following features are available:


    Using this option, you can select which classifications you wish to use to classify employees. These are used to group employees together, like employees in the same branch office, or employees in the same department. There can be up to ten of these employee classifications. In a small business you may not need to use any of these classifications, in a large organization you may need all ten.


    These options are used to select the following options:


    1. Redirected Hours. Selecting this option will enable you to redirect hours from one day to another.
    2. Daily Hours Authorisations. Some of Shift categories may require authorisation before they can be paid. In other words you may require that time worked at a particular category be Authorised by a supervisor or manager before it can be accrued by the employee for payment. Selecting this option enables authorisations to be done on daily hours worked.
    3. Payroll Hours Authorisations. As for Daily Hours Authorisations and selecting this option enables authorisations to be done on payroll hours worked.
    4. Expected Payroll Hours. Selecting this option enables you to enter the expected hours that an employee is to work for a payroll period. When viewing the employee's payroll hours, then the Expected time is displayed in the column to the left of the Total Hours column. If the Total Hours is less than the Expected Hours then the Total Hours is displayed in color.
    5. Running Totals. This option enables you to use running totals. This is used to keep a separate record of extra hours that have been worked in a payroll period. This is ideal for employees working flexi-time. If Running Totals has been selected, you can also select the Via Balancing option which enables Running Totals to be calculated using Balancing Rules.
    6. Non-Time Categories. This option enables you to use a category for non-time related information, i.e. bonus points for time worked in excess of.
    7. Time Categories are Decimal. This option enables you to change the format of Time to be changed from hours and minutes (hh.mm) to that of decimal hours (i.e. if selected then three and a half hours will be entered/displayed as 3.5).
    8. Allow Default Logins. This option enables a User to Login to TNA and will remember the User’s password.
      1. Password Expires every 30 days. This option can only be activated if Allow Default Logins is not selected and will require the User to change there password every 30 days.
    9. Use Windows Authentication.  Only available on Enterprise Level.  If 'Allow Default Logins' and 'Use Windows User Authentication' are both on, then Cs Time will first attempt to login with Windows User Authentication before attempting to login with the default login.  To use Windows Authentication, the user's Login Code must match the Windows User name.
      1. Only.  Only login using Windows User Authentication.  Please note: if your Windows User Name changes you will not be able to login to CS Time.
    10. Charge Rates. This option will associate charge rates with employee payrolls.
      1. Currency.  Set your currency symbol for your country here.
      2. Round Decimal Hours before calculating Money.  CS Time calculates money from the hours worked (in hours and minutes) therefore calculating them from the displayed decimal hours may not yield the same results as calulated by CS Time.  Use this feature the round the decimal hours before calculating the monetary value.


    These options enable you to select the options that relate to different types of leave, how leave forms are to be handled and how employee leave is to be accrued.

    System Features - Leave.png

    The settings available include:

    1. Public Holidays. This option will enable the use of public holidays to be included in system processing. When a public holiday occurs, the employees will be allocated a normal working days hours or the day will be allocated as a completed daily shift and an error will not be created for this day.
    2. Different Public Holidays in Different States. This option is only active if Public Holidays are selected and is used if employees within the company work in different states where different public holidays apply.
    3. Split Payroll Records that include leave. When selected this option will enable the difference between normal attendance times and paid leave time to be displayed separately.
    4. Leave Accruement. This option enables leave rules to be used for the system to calculate the employee leave using defined formulas.
    5. Leave Emails. This option enables leave forms to be managed via email through the web enterface available on level Enterprise.
    1. Include Supervisor Comment. This option will include the option of the Supervisor being able to make any required comments with respect to leave requisitions.
    2. Include Amount Left. This option enables the amount of leave that the employee has left to be included with the leave application.
    3. No Supervisor passwords on emails. This option will suppress and supervisor passwords from been sent with the emails.
    1. Do not adjust leave balances. This option will prevent the system from automatically adjusting the employees leave accruement when leave is taken. Leave adjustment will have to be made manually.

    Leave Colors

    This option enables you to select colors used on the various leave calendars.

    System Features - Leave Colors.png


    This option enables you to select the different types of hardware that you will be using and also the types of connection methods that will be used to connect the clocks to the system.

    System Features - Hardware.jpg


    Human Resources

    This option is used to select which employee human resources information options that can be included when capturing employee information.

    System Features - HR.png



    Access Control

    These options enable you to select how employee access clockings are to be controlled and which system and hardware options are to be used.

    System Features - Access Control.png

    1. Time Zones. This option will enable the use of time zones that can be assigned to devices and will then only allow clockings to be made during defined periods.
    2. Areas and Anti-PassBack. This option enables access areas to be defined and if selected, anti-passback can also be used which will not allow 2 clockings in the same direction to be made. An In and out clocking must be registered before the next in clocking can be made.
    3. Pathing. Forces employees to use clocks in a particular order e.g. an employee must clock out at his/her work station before the clock controlling access to the premises will allow an out clocking.
    4. Access Rights. When selected access rights can be assigned to employees that decide which employees can clock at which clocks and also limit the employee to being able to clock in and out, just in, just out or neither.
    5. Door Locks. This option enables door locks to be set to operate or not when clockings are performed.
    6. Visitors. This option enables the use of visitor cards to gain access to ereas.
    7. Allow “Open Door” Overrides. This option enables the option of enabling clockings to be performed at a device without activating the door lock.
    8. Employee Direction Arrows Shows TNA Status. By default the direction arrows in the Browse Employees window shows whether the employee is in the Outside area or not.  This option overrides this behaviour and the arrows will indicate TNA direction (IN or OUT).


    These options are only available on the Enterprise version and are used select options that are normally only used by large companies that have a large number of employees and who work at different sites.

    System Features - Enterprise.png


    Costing Classifications

    If the Job Costing Module is to be used, this option is used to select which Job Costing categories you wish to use to classify employees.

    System Features - Costing Classifications.png


    Note: Only the Classifications that have been selected (activated) for use from the Classification option will be available for Job Classification selection.

    First Job Clocking.  Before a job costing report is printed CS Time will check for the last job clocking for each employee in order to update their job classifications.  This process can take a long time as the system will check through all of an employee's clockings until it finds a job clocking or none at all.  To speed up the process, one can specify the date when job costing was implemented.  The system will not check further back than this date which will speed up to classifications update.

    Job Features

    If the Job Costing Module is to be used, these options are used to select which Job Costing features you wish to use.

    System Features - Job Features.png

    1. Quantities. This option enables you to use quantities.
    2. Customer. This option enables you to define and link customers to jobs.
    3. Optionally Reset Classifications at start of every day. This option enables you to set the job classification for the employees at the start of every day.
    4. Assign Costing to Slots. This option enables you to assign Daily Shift slots to particular job costing categories.
    5. Assign Charge Rates based on Classification. This option enables you to assign the charge rates using employee classifications (Under development – not yet functional).
    6. Attach Costing Classifications to Clocks.  Link a classification e.g. Branch, Department or Cost Centre to a clocking point i.e. job hours are allocated to these classification depending on which station an employee clocked at.
    7. Follow-My-Leader Job Clockings. When a team leader clocks onto a new job, his team members are also clocked onto the same job.


    This option is used to select if rostering is to be used and when rostering can be performed.

    System Features - Rostering.png

    Rostering can be done for Payroll or Daily Shifts. If Daily Shift Rostering is selected you can also select the Only Same Day option that will only allow rostering to be done for the current day or by using Daily Availability that will inform you as to which employees are available or not on particular days.



    These options are used if the TNA Web Server is to be used which allows employee information, clockings, leave, daily and payroll hours to be viewed and managed using a standard web browser.

    System Features - Web.png

    1. Web password changes every 30 days. This option will force that a new user password is required every 30 days.
    2. Daily Hours Approved by default. This option will set all manually added or changed hours to be approved. If not selected the hours will be set as pending and need to be set to approved by the supervisor of the employee who’s hours have been changed.
    3. Use Hierarchy System (uncheck to use Filter Groups). Select which option to use in allocating employees to supervisors. For more information, see http://docs.tnasoftware.com/Web_Inte...nd_Supervisors

    Auto Update

    Configure automatic updates for CS Time to minimise disruptions during payroll processing.

    System Features - Auto Update.png

    1. Check for updates.  Select the days of the week the system should check for updates.
      1. From, To.  Select a time period during the day the system is allowed to check for updates.
      2. Check From.  Select the update type the system should download from.  By default this should be set to Gold.
    2. Install available updates.  Select the days of the week the system is allowed to install updates on.
      1. From, To.  Enter the time period during which the update can be installed. 


    System Features - Misc.png

    1. Working Time Limits. Select this option if working limits are to be used. These are generally enforced by government and control the maximum hours, rest periods, lunch breaks, etc. that are to be complied with.
    2. Clockings-in-hours Unrounded.  If rounding is used in the shift configuration, the employee clockings displayed in the employee hours screens are the rounded values.  Select this option if you would prefer to see the actual clocking times for your employees.
    3. Lock Date.  Enables the Lock Dates feature where  alock date can be set to prevent any changes to employee(s) payroll history.
    4. Individual Payroll Codes.  Normally payroll codes are linked to time categories.  Select this feature if there are mulitple payroll codes per category and may be linked to how an employee is classified in the payroll system.
    5. Disable Translation.  Disable translations in CS Time.
    6. Employee Messages.  Enables CS Time to allow for employee messages to be sent to the clocking hardware (where supported).


    Once the required System Features have been selected, click on the Ok button to have the selected features to be available for use.

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