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Add a Shift

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    This task is used to add a new Payroll Shift.

    1. Select the Add Shift option from the Task drop-down menu and the Create New Shift Wizard window will be displayed.



    1. Enter a Code and Description that will be used to identify the shift. If required a Note can be used to add additional information.
    2. Select the Next button to select the start and end times for each day.


    1. For each Day of the week, select if the employees are required to Work on that day or not (by double-clicking on the text area) and also type in the Start and End times for the daily shift. Once completed select the Next button.
    1. Select whether the employees on this shift have a Lunch Break or not and then select the Next button.


    1. If employees do have a Lunch Break, enter the lunch times that are to apply and also whether the employee are required to Clock for a lunch break. Then select if the lunch break is a Paid break or not. Once completed select the Next button.




    1. Select if Rounding is to be used or not and then select the Next button.


    1. If Rounding was selected, use the next window to define required rounding periods to be used and then select Next to continue.


    1. When the next window is displayed you are required to select how the Payroll Shift is to be calculated for payroll purposes. 

    The options are as follows:

    1. Weekly. If the employees are paid on a weekly basis select this option and then Select Next
    2. Fortnightly. If the employees are paid on a fortnightly basis select this option and then Select Next
    3. Monthly. If the employees are paid on a Monthly basis select this option and then Select Next


    1. The next window requires you to select the Starting Day for this shift. Once completed, selected Next.
    1. Now that the minimum information for the creation of this new shift has been defined, select the Finish button for this shift to be created and saved to the system.




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