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Automatic Importing of Data

    CS Time supports the option of being able to automatically collect data using text files that are saved to a specific file location. The system monitors these directories for files that have been added and as soon as the system detects a new file it will import it automatically. This feature can be used to import clockings from a hardware device not supported by CS Time.



    Enabling the feature

    To enable the automatic importing of text files proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Configuration module and click on the SystemIcon.png icon to open the System Features.
    2. Click on the Hardware option and select Text-Import.

    Auto import - 1.png

    1. Click on Ok to save the change.

    Adding the Import Device

    To set up the TNA system to perform automatic imports of data, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Device Setup window using the DeviceIcon.png button or by selecting Devices option from the toolbar Setup drop-down menu.
    2. The Device that is to be created to perform the automatic imports is configured as a text import device. Select the Add button and click on clock.

    Auto import - 2.png


    1. When the Update Clock window is displayed, select the General tab.

    Auto import - 3.png


    1. For the Clock Code type in a short code that will identify it as the device used to import data and also a suitable Description.
    2. For the Clock Make and Model select the Text Import, Generic option from the list.
    3. If you importing clockings, click on the Details option, otherwise go to step 7. Select the types of clockings you will be importing.

    Auto import - 4.png

    1. Select the Connection tab.

    Auto import-5.png

    1. In the File box type in the path to the file that is to be imported or use the select button to locate the text file. Wild cards are also acceptable in the file name, for example c:\ImportData\CS Time\*.txt.
    2. Use the Format select option buttons and select the particular type of data that is being imported.
    3. Select the Ok button to add the Text Import Device.

    How it Works

    The Communications module monitors the directory(s) set in the hardware module.  If a file is placed in the directory, then it will be automatically imported.

    After importing the file it is automatically renamed (by adding the time and date of the import to the file name) and the file will be moved into a subdirectory called Done.  (If this directory does not exist it will be automatically created for you.)

    The communications module only checks the directory every minute or so, so a file may be in the directory for about a minute before it is imported.



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