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GPRS / 3G / 4G clocks

    To setup clocks connected via GPRS or via a 3G / 4G router, first please setup the clock in CS Time as per this document.

    System Setup

    From the Configuration module, select the Clocks option from the toolbar Setup / Clocks dropdown menu or click on the Edit Clocks icon to open the Device Setup window.

    Select the AddClock and the Update Clock window will be displayed.

    In the Connection tab enter the clock's serial number in the Ip of Clock: field e.g. if your clock's (CPU) serial number is 36500, enter 36500 in the field.

    As of, CS Time boasts the new feature called "IP Detect Mode".  It is designed to categorize clocks in their respective connectivity types and has to be set correctly for each in order for the comms to work effectively. Failing to do so will result in your clocks remaining offline.


    When a clock is connected via LAN / WAN, set this to NONE.
    When a clock is connected via GPRS (Internal modem), set this to GPRS.
    When a clock is connected via a 3G Router, set this to DYNAMIC.

    Take heed in particular when upgrading a client with GPRS or 3G clocks, that this is set manually as it defaults to NONE.

    D-Link 3G Router configuration instructions



    D-Link 4G Router configuration instructions

    Please note that for 4G / LTE connections you would need an activated 4G / LTE Vodacom sim card.

    CS Time remote connection configuration

    Click on the screenshot below to download the slideshow.

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