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HandPunch 3000/4000


    The HandPunch 3000/4000

    CS Time and TNA version 4.19 and later can use the HandPunch 3000 and 4000 which uses RSI's field-proven hand geometry biometric technology. The terminal captures a three-dimensional image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand's size and the shape are used to verify their identity. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.

    Features Currently Supported

    • Get Time from device
    • Set Clock
    • Clock In / Out
    • Clock Back (just becomes a Clock In)
    • Removing users from the clock when they're terminated.
    • Removing users when their card is set to "no card".
    • Reading the template (the hand print) from one clock, and storing it in the CS Time database. Then templates can be sent to other clocks. You can activate / deactivate individual employees at will, or send the whole card-base to the clock.
    • It's also possible to assign, and remove, supervisor rights set for each employee.
    • Supervisor rights are required in order to add other employees.
    • Employee "Groups" assigned to devices are supported. The default is every-person-goes-to-every-clock, but this can be over-ridden on a clock-by-clock basis.
    • TCP/IP connectivity
    • Sirens (TNA version 6.00r and later)

    CS Time Setup for HandPunch 3000/4000

    System Configuration

    The first step is to select the feature to enable HandPunch hardware to be configured for use with CS Time.

    1. In the Configuration module select Features from the toolbar Setup dropdown menu and the Turn Features On and Off window will be displayed.
    2. Select the Hardware settings option.


    1. Select the Using HandPunch hardware option and ensure that the tick box is selected.
    2. Select Ok to save the setting and to close the window.

    Setting Up for HandPunch 3000/4000 Device

    Now we need to add the HandPunch card to the system.

    1. From the Configuration module, select the Clocks option from the toolbar Setup / Clocks dropdown menu and the Device Setup window will be displayed.
    2. Select the Controller or This PC to which the HandPunch unit is connected and then select the Add Device button and the Update Clock window will be displayed.


    1. Select the General settings option.
    2. From the Clock Make and Model select box, select the HandPunch 3000 option.
    3. Define the Clock Code and Description that will be used to identify this device.
    4. If the Device is always connected and online, select the appropriate tick box.
    5. Select the Details settings option.


     Select the Payroll clockings tick box and then select the Connection settings option.


    1. Enter the IP of Clock to that which was used when setting up the HandPunch 3000 and set the IP Port number to 3001.
    2. Select the Advanced setting option.


    1. If required use the Employee Group select button to select a specific group of employees who will have access to this device. By default all registered CS Time enrolled employees will have access.
    2. Select Ok to save the settings and to add the device to the system.


    Setting the Menu access levels

    In CS Time it is possible to set the access level for each employee. Depending on which level is selected, the employee will have a certain right of access to the hand punch reader’s Menu. Below is a depiction of which level grants access to which menu.

    HP menu.png


    HP table.png


    Each time the level is changed by editing the employee’s details and selecting “Clock Admin Level”, the details are sent down to the hand punch reader (Only if they have a biometric template).


    HP Employee.png


    Important Notes:

    No need to reset the hand punch reader to factory default settings as a result wiping ALL user and configuration information.

    • If a hand punch reader is newly configured, the very first employee will be enrolled as a SUPERVISOR with access level 5 (Security).
    • In CS Time - As long as any employee has a “Clock Admin Level” other than NONE, only the Supervisors with “Clock Admin Level” ENROLLMENT and SECURITY will be able to enroll new users.
    • In CS Time - When ALL the employees have a “Clock Admin Level” of NONE, anyone with a valid hand template can access all the menus on the hand punch reader.
    • Enrolling an employee as a SUPERVISOR on the clock will set the “Clock Admin Level” in CS Time to SECURITY.


    Failure to access the menus on the clock:

    Follow these steps carefully to regain access again!

    1.       In the User Module, select BULK >> EMPLOYEES >> EDIT EMPLOYEES.

    2.       Select “All Non-Terminated Employees” by clicking the SELECT EMPLOYEES button.

    3.       Change the “Set Field” to “HS Clock Admin Level” by clicking the dropdown box.

    4.       In the “To” text box type the word NONE.

    5.       Click START and allow the progress bar to complete.

    6.       Now go to the DEVICE SETUP and do a “Send Cards” as “Current”.


    Please Note: Now anyone can access the hand punch readers’ menus


    7.       Lastly set the original SUPERVISOR’s “Clock Admin Level to SECURITY.


    Please Note: By completing step 7, only the SUPERVISOR/s will have access to the menus with all other employees blocked.


    If no SUPERVISOR is available / present, continue with steps 8 through 13


    8.       Add the new SUPERVISOR to CS Time with the “Clock Admin Level” = NONE.

    9.       Go to the clock and enroll the new SUPERVISOR by accessing menu 4 (Enrollment).

    10.       Select NO for adding an employee.

    11.       At the next prompt select YES to the ADD SUPERVISOR option.

    12.       Enroll the user by placing his hand on the device.


    Please Note: The new SUPERVISOR will be updated to CS Time and have a “Clock Admin Level” of SECURITY.


    13.       Lastly, in CS Time set the employees with specific rights to the clock menus by changing the “Clock Admin Level”.

    Clock configuration notes

    The clock must be configured to T&A Mode for the user to select a direction when clocking.  However, if the user does not select a direction and just press Enter, the clocking will be directionless and TNA will toggle his/her directions.  Clockings are also directionless if the clock is not set to T & A Mode.

    Lunch, Break and Call Back option in the clock menu will be seen as IN clockings.


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