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    The Hanvon F710 is an embedded facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm integrated with CSTime Software


    Features Currently Supported

    • Get time from device
    • Set Clock
    • Clock In / Out
    • Reading the template from one clock, and storing it in the CS Time database. Then templates can be sent to other clocks. You can activate / deactivate individual employees at will, or send the whole card-base to the clock.
    • It's also possible to assign, and remove, supervisor rights set for each employee.
    • Supervisor rights are required in order to add other employees.
    • Employee "Groups" assigned to devices are supported. The default is every-person-goes-to-every-clock, but this can be over-ridden on a clock-by-clock basis.
    • TCP/IP connectivity
    • Trigger a door or turnstile via onboard relays (No access controll features)
    • Employees can clock using Face, PIN+Face, Card+Face, Card, Card+Photo.

    System Configuration

    The first step is to select the feature to enable Hanvon hardware to be configured for use with CS Time.

    1. In the Configuration module select Features from the toolbar Setup dropdown menu and the Turn Features On and Off window will be displayed.
    2. Select the Hardware settings option.


    1. Select the Hanvon option and ensure that the tick box is selected.
    2. Select Ok to save the setting and to close the window.

    Setting up the Device

    Now we need to add the HandPunch card to the system.

    1. From the Configuration module, select the Clocks option from the toolbar Setup / Clocks dropdown menu and the Device Setup window will be displayed.
    2. Select the Add Device button and the Update Clock window will be displayed.


    1. Select the General settings option.
    2. From the Clock Make and Model select box, select the Hanvon Face ID option.
    3. Define the Clock Code and Description that will be used to identify this device.
    4. If the Device is always connected and online, select the appropriate tick box.
    5. Select the Details settings option.


    Select the Payroll clockings tick box as well as the Reader Type then select the Connection settings option.


    1. Enter the IP of Clock to that which was used when setting up the Hanvon F710 and set the IP Port number to 9922.
    2. Also stipulate the Last collect date & Last collect time.
    3. Select the Advanced setting option.


    1. If required use the Employee Group select button to select a specific group of employees who will have access to this device. By default all registered CS Time enrolled employees will have access.
    2. Select Ok to save the settings and to add the device to the system.


    Installation Tips



    Operational Tips

    • Be sure to set the facial template algorithm for each clock to be the same if using multiple readers on one site.
    • Staff member's facial featues & expressions shoud remain the same as per enrollment.
      i.e - If the person was enrolled without a beard & now has grown one, the device will struggle to read & validate official clocking.
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