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5.1 Employee Personal Information

    View and Edit Employee Personal Records

    To view and edit an Employees Personal Records, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Employees Browse Emp.pngoption from the Query or Edit menu or click on the View Employee Information toolbar button.
    2. When the Browse Employees window is displayed, highlight the employee you would like to view the personal information for and then click the Change button.


    1. The selected employee’s personal records information will now be displayed.  The fields that are shown in pink are compulsory fields and must be populated.


    1. Edit the employee’s personal details as required.
    2. To save the updated information, click the Ok button else click the Cancel button to cancel the operation.


    Editing an Employee’s Classification

    Employee classifications are used to group like employees together for reporting purposes e.g. all employees in department Admin.  It is important to classify your employees as classifications may also be used during the processing of hours to apply specific shift rules or in payroll extracts. 


    To edit an employee’s classification, proceed as follows:

    1. When the Update Employee’s window is displayed, select the Classification option.



    1. Selecting the Lookup (Lookup.png) button next to the required classification and a list of available choices will be displayed.

    (The list of Classifications that will be displayed is dependent on which Classifications have been activated using the Features option from the System Setup dropdown menu found on the Configuration Module toolbar.)




    1. Select the required classification item and click on the Select button.
    2. If a new departments or classification needs to be added, right-click in the window and click on Add. Add the new classification using the update window.


    1. Select the Ok button to add the new classification to the system.
    2. Once the employee’s classification information has been updated, select the Ok button to save the changes.


    Removing an Employee’s Personal Record

    To remove an employee’s personal records from the system, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the Remove button in the Browse Employees window. The Delete Employee Task Wizard will open.



    1. You will be asked to select whether to terminate or Remove the employee.

    Please note:  A terminated employee's card will be released after the termination date and all their information will stay in CS Time's database.  You will therefore be able to reinstate the employee.  Removing an employee will permanently delete every single record (clockings, hours, leave, etc.) from the CS Time database that references to that employee.  This process can take a long time to complete and you will not be able to recover any of the employee's information after deletion.


    1. Follow the Task Wizard to complete the termination/removing of  the employee’s record.


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