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5.5 Leave Records

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    To view an employee’s leave record, proceed as follows:

    1. From the Browse Employee window, select and highlight the required employee and then click the Leave option. The Browse Employee Leave window will be displayed.



    The view option enables the employee’s leave to be viewed as a List or as a Calendar.


    The Leave Information options (right side panel) are used to select the type of leave information that is to be displayed in the window.


    1. Use the Add, Change and Remove buttons to manage the Employee’s leave.  When in the Calendar view, you can also manage the employee’s leave by right-clicking on the particular day in the calendar.



    1. Make the required changes when adding or changing leave and then select the Ok button to save the change. The change will now be reflected on the Employee’s Leave Record.



    Leave must be approved, before employee hours will be updated.

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