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6. TNA Procedures

    Operational Processes

    When can employees start clocking?

    Employees can start clocking as soon as card or tag has been assigned to them in CS Time and the clock has been updated with the card information. If fingerprint technology is used, the employee would need to be enrolled as well before clocking.

    Employee Clockings Transfer to the PC

    In CS Time versions other than the Unified Edition the clockings are transferred directly to your computer when an employee clocks In or Out at the clock, providing the Server Module is running. If the computer is switched off, clockings will be stored in the clock and then transferred to the PC when it is switched on again. 

    You have to open the CS Time Unified Edition to collect and process clockings.

    Employee Hours Calculations

    When ever a clockings occurs, the hours are recorded by the system. If the clocking for a particular employee falls out of the defined shift times (e.g. started late), a warning will be generated.

    Only when the system detects the Out clocking will the actual employee hours be calculated by the system.

    When a defined shift period has ended (be it weekly or monthly), the system automatically calculates the total hours for that payroll period.


    Daily Procedures

    Fixing Errors

    The general cause for clocking errors are when employees forget to clock IN or forget to clock OUT for a shift. The toolbar Go/Stop Sign icon will reflect the status of clocking errors as follows:


    Go.JPG     A Green GO sign indicates that no errors are present.


    Stop.JPG    A Red STOP sign indicates that errors are present.



    To view and edit errors, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the Traffic Light icon and the Browse Errors window will be displayed listing all the system errors.




    1. To fix an error, highlight the relevant error and then click the Fix button. The Browse Employee Clockings window for the particular employee causing the error will be displayed.



    1. In the above window it can be seen that there is no Out clocking so the system is unable to calculate the employee hours.
    2. To fix an error, highlight the clocking responsible for the error and select one of the following buttons:
    • Remove button to remove the clocking.
    • Add button if a new clocking is to be added.
    • Change button if the clocking details are to be changed.



    1. After the error is fixed, the clocking will be reprocessed and the error (if fixed correctly) will be removed from the error list.
    2. Continue fixing all the errors till the list displays no more errors.


    Keep an eye on the traffic light and fix errors whenever detected. Remember a little work today leaves fewer errors for tomorrow.


    Types of Errors

    Error Type


    Employee did not clock out by HH:MM

    The employee did not clock out before the shift end. To fix this error, add an OUT clocking for the day. This error may also appear if the employee was sceduled to work a day shift, but he/she actually worked a night shift. You can fix this by changing the employee shift to a night shift.

    Wrong clocking direction found


    There are two consecutive OUT or IN clockings for that person’s shift. Verify that your corrections made are correct and that the clocking directions read correct, i.e. IN then OUT then IN then OUT.

    Employee has an Invalid Shift Code The employee has no shift code assigned or the shift code assigned does not exist.  Recitfy this from the Payroll Shifts option in the Browse Employees window.
    Missing Daily Hours Record On dd/mm/yyyy This Errors is generated when CS Time tries to process employee's payroll hours.  First fix any other errors for the employee for the payroll period, then click on the error and click on Fix to reprocess the payroll hours.


    Printing Reports

    To print a report, proceed as follows:

    Select the Print a Report PrintReport.JPGoption or select Print Report from the File drop-down menu.


    When the List of Available Reports window is displayed, highlight the report to be printed and click the Print button. Reports which can be printed on a daily basis can include Absenteeism, Late Starts, Early Departures, Overtime and Hours reports to name but a few.




    Payroll Period Procedures

    Fixing Errors

    If all errors were checked on a daily basis, you should not have any errors to fix for your payroll period. If you did leave a few errors, you will find that each error left will be duplicated by a "Missing Daily Hours Record" error.  Fix the relevant daily error and your payroll period error will also be removed.


    Most reports can be printed for date ranges. This can also include Absenteeism, Late Starts, Early Departures, Overtime and Hours reports to name but a few. Select your choice of reports from the available list as setup in the previous section.

    Payroll Interface

    CS Time has a standard feature, which allows you to extract employee hour’s information to an ASCII file.  This file can be used to update your payroll, thus eliminating the need to manually capture the employee hours. Find out from your payroll supplier if your payroll package has an import feature.

    For your convenience, CS Time also includes a set of known layouts used by various payroll packages. These can be viewed in the Available Payroll Extracts window.  To open this window click on the Export to Payroll PayrollExtractsIcon.JPGbutton or click on the File drop-down menu and select Export to Payroll.


    Select your payroll package here or contact your CS Time supplier if your payroll extract is not listed or does not meet your payrolls’ required import format.




    To export to your payroll, click on the Print button (not on Export). This will open your Report Options window.




    Select the File (and Screen) option and enter a path and a filename to which you want to export your payroll data to.  Enter your payroll date(s), select your employees and click on Start.  The payroll data will be displayed on screen when the export is done. 

    Close the viewer, open your payroll software and import the data from the path and filename you specified in the above report options.

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