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7. Clock Maintenance

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Setting the Clock’s Time

    There is no general maintenance procedures necessary for the clock apart from cleaning it with a damp (not wet) cloth when necessary. If necessary, the clock’s time can also be changed.

    Setting the Clock’s Time

    To set the clock’s time, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the Manage Clocks icon in the User Module’s toolbar.
    2. The Device Setup window will be displayed.
    3. Select and highlight the item (clock 1) to be set and then select the Set Date and Time option. The Set Clock Time window will be displayed.

      This window displays the PC’s Time (top) and the Clock’s Time (bottom). To set the Clock’s time to that of the PC’s, click the Set Device time and date button.

    Please note:  If your PC time is not correct, enter the correct time and dates in the entry fields provided. Your clock’s date and time will now be set according to these fields, but your PC’s date and time will not be corrected. This you must still do through Windows.

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