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Lookup Filters

    Where the Security Filter Groups allows one to assign a group of employees to a user, the Lookup Filters set what information the user can view when opening a lookup.  It is only available on Enterprise level.  It allows one to not only filter the information in the classification lookups, but also in the lookups for job costing, leave, human resources, access control, shifts and hardware (i.e. clocks).




    Activating the feature

    In the Configuration Module, open the system features ().  Select the Enterprise option and tick the Filter Lookups based on User option.




    Creating lookup filters

    1. To create a lookup filter click on the Employee menu in the Configuration Module.  Select the Lookup Filters option.


    1. The Lookup Filters window will open.
    2. Create a lookup filter by clicking on the Add button, give the filter a description and click on Ok to save it. The filter group code is shared with the criteria filter groups, so if both systems are being used, then filter group numbers need to be carefully set.
    3. Select the list you want to edit the user's access rights for e.g. Department or Leave Types.
    4. Change the access rights by double-clicking on the No or Yes to toggle.  For example if you want the lookup filters for the Technical Department to include the Despatch, Technical and Support departments, change the rights next to those departments to Yes.


    1. There is no limit to the number of Lookup Filters that can be created i.e. you can create a set of access rights for each user (including web interface users).
    2. To continue the example, let us limit the user access to only be able to view and assign certain payroll shifts:  select Payroll Shifts under the Lookup Lists column and then toggle the access rights to the General Shift, Support and Technical shifts.


    1. Once all the access rights have been set, click on Close.

    Assigning users to a lookup filter group

    In the User (or Configuration module), select the Tools drop down menu and click on Browse Users. Add or change a user as described in the Module Security document.

    Select or enter the lookup filter code in the Filter Group field.




    Click on Ok.

    Feature behaviour

    Let us see what the effect is of the changes we made earlier in this document.  When the user we created logs in he will only see the employees in the employee group assigned to him.




    Remember that this is setup in via the employee groups:



    Note that the Filter Group number is also set to 1.

    Now if the user needs to lookup a Department e.g. when changing an employee's classification, he will only see the departments selected in the lookup filter assign to him:





    Records that have been "filtered out" are not visible on lookup windows. However where applicable the "code" can be entered (and it will be accepted). Records which already link to a "filtered" record will not be cleared (i.e. they will still be visible.)

    Table list 1:

    Company, Branch, Department, Cost Centre, Category, Scale, Employee Type, Workgroup, Job, Leave Type, Leave Scales, Class, Offenses, Condition, Actions, Fitness, Equipment, Courses, Timezones, Areas, Access rights, Time categories, Time rates, Cards

    The default access for new records in this list is "the user cannot see this new record". A trip to the Set Filter Access screen is required to select which Filter Groups will be able to see the new record.

    Tables in this list are populated in the Config module. The "Browse" procedure of these tables are NOT filtered. Only the lookups are filtered.

    Table list 2:

    Clocks (Devices), Job, Customer, Daily Shift (TimeSlot), Payroll Shift (TimeLine) or Macro Script,

    The default access rights for tables in this list are "me and mine". When you add then the person adding the record immediately has access to the record. In other words the whole of her filter group can see the new record.

    The Browse procedure for these tables _are_ filtered (in addition to the Lookup procedure). Each of these browses contains a checkbox which allows the user to turn the filtering off so they can see all the records in the browse.




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