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Security Filter Groups

    When working with more than one company or having different managers within a company who only have access to a selected group of employees, you can limit them so that they only have viewing and editing  access to these employee’s information who fall under their control by using Filter Groups (Work Groups in version older than 6.03  - these work groups should not be confused with the Classification called Workgroup).

    The process requires the setting up of information in the Configuration and the User Module.



    Defining Filter Groups

    The first step is to define the required Groups as follows:

    1. Open the Configuration Module.
    2. Select the Group Selections option from the Employee dropdown menu. The Browse Employee Groups window will be displayed.


    1. This window displays a list of all the different Employee Groups that have been defined. Selecting the Change button enables you to change an existing group and also to assign it a particular Filter Group number, but for the purpose of this procedure, we are going to create a new group that include two existing groups: employees in the Admin and Support departments.


    Define a Filter Group of Employees in the Admin and Support Departments.

    1. Select the Add button and the Update Criteria window will be displayed.


    1. Select the General option and type in the Name to be used to identify the particular Employee Group (can be an alphanumeric name of up to 10 characters) and a description of the group in the Description text box. In the Comment box you can type in any additional information with respect to the identification of the particular Employee Group.


    1. Select the Criteria option.
    2. Using the first drop-down select boxes, define the main category that is to be used to define the Group, i.e. Department.
    3. Use the second text box to define the sub-category (that falls within the main category) that is to be used to define the group, i.e. Admin.
    4. Click on the Relationship button (=) between the two categories to define the relationship required, i.e. = (is equals to) – the first parameter of the particular Filter Group definitions that all the employees are in the Admin Department.
    5. Click on the More button and a new set of group definition select boxes will be displayed. Continuing to click on the More button will change the relationship between the definitions (once = And, twice = Or, third time = back to More and the additional group definition fields below will be removed). For the purpose of this example set the button to Or.
    6. Define the second parameter for the particular Filter Group as described in steps 5 to 7 above (for this example, all employees in Department Support). Your screen should now look as follows:


    1. Select the Advanced option.


    1. The Advanced option provides a window that shows the expression for the selection made at the Criteria option (or can be used to define your own expression). If the Expression is manually entered, the greyed out Edited check box will be ticked and also the dropdown select boxes normally available from the Criteria option will not be available.
    2. Once the expression has been defined for the required Employee Filter Group, enter a number in the Filter Group (Work Group in versions older than 6.03)  text box (circled in red in the above screenshot) that will be used to identify the particular Filter Group (use a numerical number from 1 to 32000, preferably starting at 1 and working up for each new Filter Group) (using 1 in this example).
    3. Click on the Ok button to define the group and to add it to the list.
    4. Once an Employee Group has been created you can view the employees assigned to this group by selecting and highlighting the particular Filter Group in the list and selecting the View Selection button.


    This is the list of all the employees who are in the Admin or Support Departments.

    Assigning Filter Groups

    The second part is to assign the newly defined Filter Group to the User (Manager).

    To assign a Filter Group to a User, proceed as follows:

    1. Open the User module and select Browse Users.
    2. Select and highlight the User to be edited and click on the Change button.


    1. When the Update User window is displayed, enter the Filter Group number that you have defined above (1 for employees who are in the Admin and Support Departments).
    2. Click on Ok.


    Once completed and the User is using a module that has been defined for them to use, the User will only have access to the employees who have been defined in the Filter Group expression. Also, when the User is using the Report Module, reports can only be generated for those employees in the particular Filter Group.

    Please note:  Before TNA 6.03 Security Filter Groups as described in this document, are only applicable to users accessing the User and Configuration modules, NOT the web interface.  From 6.03 onwards the filter groups can also be applied to web interface users.


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