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Default Report Parameters

    Table of contents
    1. 1. General Tab
    2. 2. Options Tab
    3. 3. Format Tab

    In certain cases you would like to configure or change the defaults for a specific report. In this section we discuss some the report parameters that can be set.




    General Tab

    In this section you can change the description of the Report, archive the report or add a note for the operator.




    Options Tab

    Options available in this section are:

    • Sent To Here you can configure the default action when printing a report. This can either be set to print directly to a printer, save as a file, send via email (if configured) and also print to screen only.
    • Number of lines. This sets the number of lines to print per page. Setting this to 9999 will allow continues printing without breaks which can e used for excell for example.
    • Font. The default font can be changed if preferred. Please note that this can alter the look of the report in terms of page breaks or the amount of columns which fit in on a page.




    Format Tab

    Options available in this section are:

    • Type. Configure whether the specic report is a Text report which will appear in the Reports window or a Payroll report which will only appear in the Payroll Extract window.
    • Format. Here you can configure the default format of the report, whether Text, pdf, etc.
    • Category. Use this to specify if the report is simply a TNA, Access, HR or Job report or whether this report can also be viewed in the Web Interface.


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