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Special Report Fields

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    If the following fields are defined in your report, then certain special behavior occurs when the report is run. These fields do not need to be actually used on the report, merely defined in the list of fields, for their effect to occur.





    If this field is defined (@s1) then line numbers will be printed on the left hand side of the page.


    This is the same as having both the SumariseD and SumariseW fields defined.


    This causes any loop on the Daily Hours file to summaries the records for the same rate and the same day. In other words if you have multiple records for the same day, and the same rate, then the records will automatically be summarized together, taking the Add, Subtract and Override attributes into account.


    This is the same as the SumariseD command, but has it’s effect on the Weekly hours rather than Daily hours file.


    Will print the normally ignored first out clocking with the GetClockings function.


    Will skip the "Updating Employee Classifications" process when printing the report in a job enabled dataset.  Do not use where a lookup has to be done on the current employee job classifications.


    Changes report hours when zero from a dot to 0:00 or 0.00.


    Classification Lookups

    If the following fields are added as local User type fields, a lookup will be created in the Report Options:

    • RR:AccessrightsID
    • RR:BranchID
    • RR:CategoryID
    • RR:CompanyID
    • RR:CostcenterID
    • RR:Dailyshiftcode
    • RR:DepartmentID
    • RR:LeavetypID
    • RR:Payrollshiftcode
    • RR:ScaleID
    • RR:TypeID
    • RR:WorkgroupID
    • RR:DailyShiftCode  (from 6.04g)
    • RR:PayrollShiftCode  (from 6.04g)
    • RR:AccessRightsID  (from 6.04g)
    • RR:JobCodeID




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