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Writing Text Reports - Revision 2

    The Report Writer

    In revision 2 we expand on our custom report and add a little bit more flare to it.

    Report Specification Revision 2

    Now print an Employee List report, in Name order of all the employees on CS Time’s database but now all employee details must be in Capitals.


    This means that the employee name and surname must be displayed in capitals. In order to achieve this the <emp:surname> and <emp:firstname> fields in the report body must be manipulated. This is achieved by creating report fields.

    1. Click on the Local tab and then on the Add (+)  button to create a new local field.




    1. Set the field options as follows:
      1. Name –  RepName  (This can be any suitable or recognizable name).

      2. Pictures - @S25 (See Report Pictures for the explanation of picture types).
        When you double-click on the picture filed it will open the Lookup Picture window.  Change the String picture to @S25.



    1. Click on Select to save the changes.
      1. Value type – Computed.
      2. Value – Upper(Emp:Firstname).
        Double-clicking on the Value field will open the Formula Editor window.  Type the value in the text box and click on OK to save.


    The Upper() function will return the value of the field in capital letters.

    1. Now proceed to create the next report field by clicking on the Add (+) button again.
    2. Now set the new field's options as follows:
      1. Name –  RepSurname   (This can be any suitable or recognizable name).
      2. Pictures - @s25.
      3. Value type – Computed.
      4. Value – Upper(Emp:Surname).
    3. Your Local tab will now display the following information:


              Note:  When you tick the Use Edit In Place block at the bottom of the window, the Lookup Picture and Formula Editor             windows will not open.  Instead you can edit the fields directly.

    1. Now you need to change the reports “Print Employee Details” to the following:


    The report fields are thus added to the report detail in a similar procedure as file fields. Please note that you must ensure that the report field names are not the same as those of the file fields.

    1. Select Ok and save the report.
    2. Now run print the report to screen and it should look like this:



    All the surnames and names are now in uppercase. The “Upper” command is one of many functions which can be used to manipulate data. These functions are explained in Report Functions.


    Now let’s edit the report again to change the report according to the following revised specification in Revision 3.


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