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Writing Text Reports - Revision 3

    The Report Writer

    In revision 3 we add in a function which allows the user to select a specific group of employees before printing.

    Report Specification Revision 3

    Print an Employee List Report, in Name Order of all the employees on TCS Time’s database. All employee details must be in Capitals and the user must be able to select an Employee or Employee Group for which he wants this report to print.


    This means that you need to create some type of report filter, which will allow you to filter out the employees from the list which you do not want to see. Luckily, CS Time has a function that will accommodate this request by adding a system report field.

    1. Add another new field under the Local tab. 
    2. Set the field options as follows:
      1. Name – Group (This must be the exact report field name).

      2. Picture – @g1 (This must be this exact picture format).
      3. Type – User.
      4. Value– leave blank.


    The image below shows the new field and how to select the User type.



    1. Click on Ok and print the report again.


    The Report Options window will now have two additional buttons available - the Select Employees and Select One Employee buttons as shown below.



    1. Select the appropriate button and the required group of employees. This will then filter out any employees not belonging to your selection.


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