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    This document gives step-by-step instructions on how to update the TNA 4 Topspeed version to the TNA 6 Topspeed version.  To see the what is new in TNA 6, click here.




    Step 1: TNA 4 data checks

    Before you start you need to make sure that your database is in a good condition.

    a.     Make a backup of your TNA4 data in an easy to find folder using the TNA 4 Backup Module.

    b.     Close and keep closed the TNA 4 Server Module and any other open TNA modules on your computer and on the network.

    c.     Open the TNA 4 Configuration module, click on the File drop down menu and select File Manager.

    d.     Click on Tag All and click on the Freshen button. This may take some time to complete as all your data records are written to new database files.

    e.     When you see any messages, click on Retry.

    f.      When the Freshen is done, click on Verify Guids.

    g.     When you see error messages, click on Ok.

    h.     When the process is complete close the File Manager and the Configuration module.

    Step 2: Backup your TNA 4 data

    Make a new backup of your TNA 4 data in an easy to find folder using the TNA 4 Backup Module.

    Step 3: Install the latest version of TNA

    a.     Run the installation file of the latest version.

    i.        The default installation path for TNA is C:\Program Files\TNA for 32-bit versions of Windows or C:\Program Files (x86)\TNA for 64-bit versions of Windows.

    ii.        The default data path is C:\Program Data\TNA in Windows Vista and later and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TNA in Windows XP.

    b.     Make sure all the TNA application users have full read and write permissions to the TNA folders.

    c.     To help prevent data corruption, please do the following after installation:

    i.        Exclude the TNA application and data files from real-time scanning by your anti-virus software.

    ii.        Exclude the TNA data folder from any automatic backups or make sure quiet time is set in TNA after your TNA4 data has been upgraded.

    Step 4: Restore your TNA 4 data

    a.     Open the TNA 6 Backup module and choose the restore option .

    b.     Select the last backup file created at step 2.

    c.     When you need to select the folder you want to restore the data to, leave it on Original Location and start the restore process.

    d.     Close the Backup module when the restore is complete.

    Step 5: Upgrading the TNA 4 data

    a.     Before you can start the upgrade process, you need to delete the new reports file if you wish to keep your current /custom reports.  You can always download and import newer reports at a later stage.

    i.        Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to your TNA 6 data folder (see Step 3:a ii for the default paths).  If you are unable to see the C:\Program Data (Windows Vista / Windows 7) or the C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data (Windows XP) folder you need to change your folder options to show hidden folders: in Windows XP click on Tools, Folder Options and in Windows 7 click on Organize, Folder and search options. Select the View tab, select Show hidden files and folder and click on Apply and then on Ok.

    ii.        When you are in the TNA data folder look for the Reports6.tps file and delete it.

    b.     To keep your TNA users, access rights to TNA screens and license information you also need to delete the dssw5.tps file in the TNA data folder.

    c.     Now, instead of just opening the TNA User module, open the Run option from your Windows Start Menu and click on the Browse button.  Navigate to the TNA 6 application folder (see Step3:a i).  Find and double-click on config32.exe. The full path will now appear in the Open field. Add /setlogpath to the end of the line and click on OK.  See the screenshot below.
    You only need to do this once and it will prevent any Replicate error messages popping up in the future.


    d.     The TNA File Manager will open and will run through all the data files to upgrade it.  DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS or you will have to restart at Step 4.


    e.     When the following error message appears during the upgrade process, click on Ignore to continue:


    f.      Once all the files have been upgraded the following message will appear due to the /setlogpath parameter we used earlier.


    Click on Yes to open a window which will point to your TNA Data path and click on OK to set the logpath.

    g.     Now the TNA Confuration module will open.

    Step 6: Converting your reports

    a.     One of the new features in TNA is an updated reports engine.  If you chose to upgrade your existing reports you now need to convert your old reports to work in TNA 6.

    b.     Click on the File drop down menu in the Configuration module and select Verify Data.

    c.     Click on the Convert button to start the process.



    d.     The process is complete when you see a message stating the number of reports converted.  You can then click on OK and Cancelto close the Verify Data window.


    e.     Close the Configuration module.

    Step 7: Activate TNA 6

    If you did not delete the dssw5.tps file as per Step 5b you will see that TNA will be licensed to CapeSoft Demo when you open the TNA User Module.  This is a temporary license and you need to enter your new TNA 6 license to keep on using TNA after 30 days. 

    If, however, you did delete the file, you will see a similiar message to the one below telling you that your license have expired.




    When you have your licensing information ready, follow the instructions found in the document on registering your software.

    Step 8: Uninstall TNA 4

    To prevent any problems with employees working in the wrong version or clockings collected to the wrong database, please uninstall TNA 4 using the option in Windows Control Panel to remove software packages.  After the uninstall process is complete go and rename the TNA 4 folder (C:\Program Files\TNA4) as this will still exist and it may cause some problems if you possibly still have a copy of TNA 4 on the network.

    Step 9: Network copies

    If you have TNA installed on multiple workstations across the network you will need to install TNA 6 and uninstall TNA4 on these computers as well.  As mentioned in Step 2 the users who require access TNA will need to have full read and write access to the TNA files.

    Once you have installed TNA 6 on a workstation, open the TNA6.ini file found in C:\Program Data\TNA6 and change the DataPath4 to point to the networked TNA data folder and the NetPath to point to the TNA application folder on your server.


    Now you are ready to start using TNA 6.  It may be necesssary to change your shift configuration to make use of some of the new features - please contact your TNA dealer for assistance.


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