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TopSpeed to SQL

    This document covers the upgrading of the latest TNA TopSpeed version to the latest TNA SQL version.  Always upgrade your TopSpeed version first before upgrading it to SQL.

    The SQL version of TNA uses Microsoft SQL Server (2000 and later) as the database server.  Please check that your server meets the hardware and software requirements for SQL Server.

    It is assumed that a version of Microsoft SQL Server is already installed and ready for use.



    Create a SQL database

    Before you install CS Time you need to create a database on your SQL server.


    1. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a new database called CSTime.

    Installing - 1.png


    1. Set the collation of the database to Latin1_General_CI_AS.

    Installing - 2.png

    Configure the SQL Login(s)

    CS Time SQL can connect to the database using SQL or Windows authentication.  Please check that your login(s) meet the server and database roles below.


    1. Create a new login TNA which uses SQL Server autentication.

    Installing - 3.png

    1. Select the following Server roles: bulkadmin, dbcreator, public and securityadmin.

    Installing - 4.png

    1. Map the user to the CSTime database and set the Database role membership to db_owner.

    Installing - 5.png

    TopSpeed Preparation

    Before you start you need to make sure that your TopSpeed database is in a good condition.

    1. Make a backup of your TNA data in an easy to find folder using the TNA Backup Module.
    2. Close and keep closed the TNA Server Module and any other open TNA modules on your computer and on the network.
    3. Open the TNA Configuration module, click on the File drop down menu and select File Manager.
    4. Click on Tag All and click on the Freshen button. This may take some time to complete as all your data records are written to new database files.
    5. When you see error messages, click on Retry.
    6. When the Freshen is done, click on Verify Guids.
    7. Click on Ok on any error messages.
    8. When the process is complete close the File Manager and the Configuration module.
    9. Go to the TNA Data directory and delete the Message.tps and Dates.tps file.

    Uninstall the TopSpeed version

    To prevent any problems with employees working in the wrong version or clockings collected to the wrong database, please uninstall the TNA using the option in Windows Control Panel to remove software packages.

    Install TNA SQL

    Download the TNA SQL version and save it somewhere on your computer. The file name will be TNA_Setup_mssql_<version number>.exe for the Microsoft SQL Server version.  When the download is complete, open and run the file. 

    1. An install wizard will open to guide you through the installation.
    2. Install the application to the same path where the TNA TopSpeed version was located.

    3. The data path must be the path where your TNA TopSpeed data is located.

    4. When the installation is complete you will see a window in which you have to enter the SQL connection details. Click on Cancel.

    5. The Connecting window will close. Click on Finish in the window below to complete the installation.

    1. Make sure all the TNA application users have full read and write permissions to the TNA folders.
    2. To help prevent data corruption, please do the following after installation:
      1. Exclude the TNA application and data files from real-time scanning by your anti-virus software.
      2. Exclude the TNA data folder from any automatic backups or make sure quiet time is set in TNA after the data has been upgraded.

    Configure the SQL connect details

    1. Open the Configuration module using the shortcut in your Windows Start menu.  You will see the following window:


      Enter the SQL login and password next to UserName and Password.  If you are using Windows authentication leave these fields empty.
      Remember Password will save the password and Auto Login will connect automatically the next time you open TNA.  Do not select Auto Login until you have successfully connected to TNA.
      Click on Next to enter the Server details.

    2. Enter the Server IP address and the SQL Instance name if one exists e.g. SQLServer\SQL2008.
      Enter the database name you created in Step 1.


      Click on Connect.

    3. TNA will now start to create and populate the tables in the database:

      This process may take a long time to complete.
      Once this process is complete the Configuration module will open.

    4. Close the Jumpstart window and click on the File drop-down menu.  Select File Manager, Tag All and click on Info to create the remaining tables.  Close the File Manager screen when you are done.  Close TNA.

    5. Use Windows Explorer to go to C:\ProgramData\TNA6 and edit the TNA6.ini with Notepad.  Add the following code below the last line:

      Defrag = 0

      Save the file and close it.


    • Most of the data will be imported into the SQL database, but this does not mean that you can delete the files in the TNA data directory.  The following files and folders must be kept and if possible also backed up:  checks.tps, dssw5.tps, secwin.ini, system.tps, upg.tps, the Data and Temp folders.
    • If the upgrade process shows no progress after a reasonable time you can end the upgrade process. Drop the table in SQL it was busy upgrading last and repeat point 4 under the Configure the SQL connect details
    • To force an upgrade check on all the SQL backend files: Stop the server module.  Tick Force FM3 Full Data Structure Comparison (/GoInDeep) the Debug Options tab of the connection window. Then open the TNA Configuration Module, File, File Manager, Tag All, Info to touch all the files. Remember to untick this option afterwards.


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