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Assigning Shifts

    For TNA to calculate hours employees must be assigned to a payroll shift which contains a standard set of rules for a payroll period.

    The default data that is installed with a new copy of TNA has three pre-configured shifts:  XDay, xNight and DNP.  The DNP (Do Not Process) shift can be used where it is not necessary to calculate employee hours.  This shift will record the employee's clockings and will not generate any "Invalid shift code" errors.

    You can use Jump-Start to create simple payroll shifts. Generally your shifts will be configured by your TNA consultant using a shift questionaire.

    Please note that, even though an employee is assigned to a payroll shift, TNA will not calculate hours before the employee's Hired Date or after the employee's Termination Date.




    Assigning Payroll Shifts 

    Using Jump-Start

    Assigning shifts from the Jump-Start window will assign the shift to the employee in the masterfile only.  It has no date on which the employee will start on the shift or will change to a different shift.  Use this method only when you have first installed TNA. 

    1. Open the Jump-Start menu by clicking on the icon.
    2. Click on the Employees button and click on Put each employee on a shift.

    3. Drag the shift code from the right next to the employee name under the Shift column.
    4. You can assign all the employees to the same shift by clicking on the Put Everyone on the Highlighted Shift button.
    5. Click on Close once you are done.

    Using Payroll Shift Rostering

    In TNA 6 payroll shift rostering has become the standard method of assigning shifts. You can access an employee's shift history in one of two ways:  a) from the Payroll Shifts option under the Work section in the Browse Employees window, or b) from the Shifts option when you are updating an employee as shown in the picture below.



    The Browse Employee Shift History will open from where you can add, change or remove payroll shifts.




    A payroll shift roster has a start and an end date.  If no end date is specified the shift will run indefinately until a new entry is added. If there is an end date TNA will add an entry for the shift the employee was on prior to the roster entry.




    When to use

    Payroll shift rostering

    An employee must be assigned to a payroll shift, so each employee must have at least one entry in their payroll shift history.

    You can also use it when an employee changes to a new payroll shift for at least one full payroll period e.g. when an employee must stand in for another employee on leave for a payroll period.  Remember that TNA will apply the processing rules of the payroll shift the employee is on on the payroll period ending date to the calculation of the payroll hours.

    Shift patterns

    Shift patterns allow you to make small changes to the standard payroll shift.  Use it when you have a handful of employees working slightly different hours or maybe a different pattern from the rest.  Example:  if the payroll shift is configured as 8:00 -17:00 from Monday to Friday and you have an employee to whom the same rules apply except that he / she works 7:30 - 16:30 every day or he/she may only work Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Shift patterns also allows you to keep track of the changes to the pattern, but it's not recommended for use if the employee's pattern is different every week.

    Daily shift rostering

    Use daily shift rostering if your employees works a different pattern of shifts every week e.g. if you are in the retail or catering industries.  Rosters can be created ahead of time and can also be imported.

    Another use for daily shift rostering is where an employee occasionally works a different shift one or two days in their payroll period. 

    You can also use it to specify a daily shift when TNA's automatic shift recognition may on occasion select an incorrect daily shift.






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