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Employee Payroll Codes

    Individual Employee Payroll Codes was introduced in TNA version 6.02.  In some instances the number of payroll codes required is difficult to manage e.g.  a payroll code may be linked to an employee's age or experience.  This feature allows one to link payroll codes per employee which makes managing the payroll extract simpler.




    Activating the feature

    Open the System Features in the Configuration module by clicking on the icon.  Click on the Misc tab.




    Select Individual Employee Payroll Codes and click on Ok to save.

    Entering individual payroll codes

    To add or change employee payroll codes open the Browse Employees window () in the User Module.  You will  now see an extra link in the Work section of the menu. 




    Highlight the employee you want to add codes for and click on the Payroll Codes link.




    You can enter payroll codes for each time category for:

    • Working Time: hours added or calculated on days for worked hours
    • Public Holidays: hours generated by the processor for paid public holidays i.e. the employee's standard hours
    • Leave: all the available leave types will be listed and the payroll code will apply to hours that carry a leave type

    Note: please check under which time categories processed hours will be assigned to for public holidays and leave before entering the relevant payroll codes.

    Click on the cell you want to change and press Enter.  Type in the payroll code and press enter again to accept the code.  Enter the payroll codes for all the time categories you need to export hours for and click on Save when you are done.

    Doing a payroll extract

    A generic payroll extract for payroll hours can be downloaded and imported.  If the extract does not give you the hours in the required format, please contact your dealer for assistance.

    Use the report function GetPayrollCode to return the payroll code in a report.


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