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HR - Blacklisting

    In large organizations it can be advantageous to keep a record of employees that have been terminated (fired), that must not be re-hired at that or any other branch. CS Time Enterprise version provides support for this via the Blacklisting feature.

    When any of the modules are started, it will automatically look through the Blacklist to see if any employees, with the same ID numbers, are currently employed. If they are, a message will appear BlackList Report Recommended.

    View Employee Blacklistings

    To view the Employee Blacklisting file, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Employee Blacklist option from the Query or Edit dropdown menu. The Browse Employee Blacklist window will be displayed.



    This window provides:

    1. View Options. These are used to select the order in which the list is to be viewed.
    2. Employee List. This is a list of all the Employee Blacklisting and provides:
    1. ID Number. This is the Employee’s Identification Number.
    2. Site. The particular site where the employee was employed.
    3. Employee. This is the employee’s employment number.
    4. Name. This is the employee’s name.
    5. Reference. This is the reference number for the blacklisting incident.
    6. Reason. This is the reason why the employee has been blacklisted.
    1. Send To button. Used to send the current window’s information to a printer, a file or as e-mail.
    2. Add button. Used to add new Employee Blacklisting.
    3. Change button. Used to edit an existing Employee Blacklisting.
    4. Remove button. Used to remove a selected Employee Blacklisting from the list.
    5. Close button. Used to close the window.

    Adding an Employee Blacklisting


    To add a new employee to the blacklist, proceed as follows:

    1. At the Browse Employee Blacklist window, click on the Add button. The Adding a Blacklist Record window will be displayed.


    1. Use the Employee Number select button and select the Employee who is to be added to the blacklist.
    2. Enter the employee’s ID Number if not previously entered on the system, a Reference and a Reason for the blacklisting.

      Note: The Employee’s ID Number is a compulsory field and must be filled in as this is what is used to identify the Employee.  If the Employee’s ID Number has been captured in the Employee Company Information record then it will automatically be retrieved and displayed.
    3. Click on the Ok button to add the employee to the blacklist or Cancel to cancel the operation.

    Edit a Blacklisting

    To edit a blacklisted employee’s information, proceed as follows:

    1. At the Browse Employee Blacklist window, select and highlight the employee to be edited and click on the Change button. The Change a Blacklist Record window will be displayed.
    2. Make the necessary changes and the click on the Ok button to save the changes.

    Remove a Blacklisting

    To remove a blacklisted employee from the list, proceed as follows:

    1. At the Browse Employee Blacklist window, select and highlight the employee to be removed.
    2. Click on the Remove button.
    3. At the delete confirmation window, click on the Yes button to remove the employee from the blacklisting list.


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