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    Employee classifications and groups are used to view information or to print reports for particular selections of employees who are grouped together according to set criteria i.e. all employees on shift 01, all employees in a particular department, etc.



    Creating Employee Classifications and Groups

    When the Initial Jump Starts option window is displayed, select the Classifications option and the following window will be displayed:




    Select Classifications - (Step 1)

    Select the Select Classifications to Use button and tick the appropriate check boxes for the Classifications you wish to use.




    Enter Classifications - (Step 2)

    To define the different classifications you have ticked, select the Enter Classifications button and use the Add_button.png button to add the required employee classifications.




    Create Employee Groups - (Step 3)

    Select the Create Employee Groups button and select the Classifications option. Tick the check boxes for the particular classifications for which group(s) of employees are to be created.




    Please Note: If you have added a new classification and would like to regenerate a complete new set of groups for that classification, you must first delete the original group(s).


    Classify Employees - (Step 4)

    To allocate employees to the different classifications, select Classify Employees and by selecting each of the Classifications and the particular Classification Description, the employees can be moved to be included or removed from a group using the arrow buttons.




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