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Authorising Overtime

    When overtime authorisation has been setup any overtime worked will be allocated to the holding categories.  The time in these categories then needs to be authorised before it will be exported to payroll.

    Overtime authorisation records can be added for time already worked or for hours still to be worked.



    Quick Authorise

    You can quickly authorise all the overtime worked on a day (when using daily overtime authorisation) or in a payroll period (when using payroll overtime authorisation) by selecting the record and pressing Ctrl-A on your keyboard.  All the time in the holding categories will then be moved into the authorised overtime categories.




    In the screenshot above, the first record was authorised using Ctrl-A. 

    When doing a quick authorise an authorisation record will be created which you can change or remove if necessary.

    Managing Authorisation Records

    Viewing Records for One Employee

    To view the overtime authorisation records for one employee proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Browse Employees window (BrowseEmps.jpg) and select the employee you want to work with.
    2. Click on the Daily Hours link to browse the employee daily hours.
    3. Click on the Overtime button (as shown in the screenshot below).

    4. The Daily Overtime Authorisation window will open and you will be able view all the authorisation records for the employee for the selected period.



    Viewing Records for All or for a Group of Employees

    To view the overtime authorisation records for all or a group of employees proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Query or Edit menu and select the Overtime Authorisations option you wish to view.

    2. In this example we are viewing the Payroll Hours Overtime Authorisations for a selected period. 


      You can select to view a different group of employees by clicking on the button next to the Group label.

    Adding an Authorisation Record

    If you are not using quick authorisation, you can add an authorisation record from the Browse Overtime Authorisations windows.  The procedure is the same for authorising daily and payroll overtime.

    1. Open the Browse Overtime Authorisations window as described in the sections above.
    2. Click on the Add button. The Update Overtime Authorisation window will open. In this example we are adding a record from the Browse Payroll Hours Overtime Authorisations window.
    3. If you are viewing authorisation records for a group of employees, you need to first select the employee you want to add a record for by clicking on the button. If you are viewing authorisation records for one employee his/her employee number will automatically be shown in the Employee field.
    4. Select or enter the date the overtime was worked on.  If hours exist in the holding category it will be displayed in the Employee Worked column.


      Please note: if an hours record does not exist due to a processing error or because the selected date is a future date, the hours in the Employee Worked section will be zero.
    5. Enter the authorised overtime hours under the Hours column in the Authorise section.


      You can authorise the full amount by dragging the hours from the Employee Worked section and dropping it into the Hours of the Authorise section.
    6. Click on OK to save the record.

    Changing or Removing an Authorisation Record

    Open a Browse Overtime Authorisations window as described in the Viewing Records sections above. Select the record you wish to change or remove.

    To remove a record, click on the Remove button. A removed record will be indicated by a and will be ignored by the processor. You can re-activate a removed record by changing it.

    To change a record, click on the Change button. Change the hours in the Authorise section and click on Ok to save your changes.

    Bulk Overtime Authorisation

    You can authorise daily and/or payroll overtime in bulk by adding the maximum allowed overtime for a date period. TNA will only pay actual time worked and up to the maximum value specified.

    Adding Bulk Overtime Authorisation Records

    To add bulk overtime authorisation records, proceed as follows:

    1. In the User Module, click on the Bulk dropdown menu and select Overtime Authorisations.

    2. Select the Add option you wish to use.  In this example, we'll add Bulk Daily Overtime Authorisation records.

    3. Select the group of employees you are adding the overtime authorisation for.
    4. Enter the From and To dates.  If the period is longer than one day it will add a record for every single day over the selected period.  Important:  for payroll overtime authorisations you need to select the payroll period ending date or the authorisations will not apply.
    5. Enter the maximum amount of overtime you want to authorise.
    6. Click on Add.
    7. When the process is complete the records will display in the Browse Overtime Authorisations window. Bulk records are indicated by the icon.


    Please note: If an overtime authorisations record already exists for an employee in the period for which you added bulk records, TNA will not override the existing record.

    Removing Bulk Overtime Authorisation Records

    To remove bulk records proceed as follows:

    1. In the User Module, click on the Bulk dropdown menu and select Overtime Authorisations.
    2. Select the applicable Remove option.

    3. Select the employees you want to remove the bulk records for.
    4. Select the period over which you want to remove the records.
    5. Click on Remove.

    Only records added using the Bulk Add functionality will be completely removed from the database.


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