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Public Holidays

    This document only discusses entering or changing public holiday dates in TNA.  It does not cover the configuration of the shifts with regards to public holiday payment.

    Adding or editing a Public Holiday Date


    To add a new Public Holiday to the list, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Public Holidays option from the Query or Edit dropdown menu in the TNA User Module. The Browse Public Holidays window will be displayed.
    2. To add a new public holiday, click on the Add button. To edit a Public Holiday in the list, select and highlight the Public Holiday to be changed and then click on the Change button. The Update Public Holiday window will be displayed.


    3. Use the Date select button and select the date when the Public Holiday occurs.
    4. Type in a description of the Public Holiday in the Description text box.
    5. If the Public Holiday reoccurs on the same date every year, check the Holiday Re-occurs every year check box.
    6. If the holiday only applies to a particular state, use the State select button and select the state to which it applies.
    7. Click on the Ok button to save the Public Holiday and to add it to the list.


    Remember not to remove or edit a holiday if the processing for that particular day (including all Payroll processing) has not been completed.

    If you have added the public holiday dates in after the public holiday date, you would need to re-process your hours.

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