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Running Totals / Flexi Time / Time in Lieu

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    Some Shift Categories may require a "Running Total" for time attendance and “Flexitime” or Time in Lieu is a good example of this, where on any particular day an employee may have earned extra time or may have lost some time. This attendance time is collected in a running total category so that at any time the employee’s total attendance time can be viewed.

    When using Running Totals, three Shift Categories are used. One category is for Time Added, one for Time Removed, and the last category is the actual Total Hours Category.

    At the end of each pay period (i.e. each "week") then Daily Hours are transferred into Payroll Hours. During this process the Running Total may be altered according to the shift rules, for example you can have a macro script that implements a limit to the number of hours that can be carried forward. Thus at the beginning of the following week, the Daily Running Total may need to be reset to the Total value as was set at the end of the previous week. Alternatively you could decide to reset it to zero (i.e. start each week with a fresh total) or not to reset it at all.


    Configuring Running Totals
    Using Running Totals / Flexi Time / Time in Lieu


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