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System Errors

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    1. 1. Viewing Errors
    2. 2. Fixing Errors

    Errors occur when the system is not able to process data and can be due to incorrect clockings, incorrect employee details or the shift has been set up incorrectly, etc. Therefore, before a Payroll calculation is performed for extraction, all Errors must be corrected.



    When no Errors are present, the Error sign will show Green and the word “GO” will be displayed.


    If Errors are present, the Error sign will show Red and the word “STOP” will be displayed.



    Viewing Errors

    To view the Errors, click on the toolbar Error button and the Browse Errors window will be displayed.




    Please Note: It is recommended that when you are fixing errors that you start with the earliest error as this will often result in clearing other errors that that have compounded due to the first error occurring.

    Fixing Errors

    To fix an error, highlight the Error to be fixed and then click on the Fix_button.png button. The next window that will be displayed is dependent on where the error has been detected and needs to be fixed. The example used below is for a clocking error and the Browse Employee Clockings window is displayed.




    The Clocking where the error has been detected will be identified by a red dot in the left hand column. The action taken will depend on why the error occurred:

    • If it is a false clocking and can be removed, highlight the particular Clocking to be removed and click on the Remove_button.png button. Once removed, a red cross () will be displayed  and the line will be greyed out.
    • If a clocking needs to be manually added, select the Add_button.png button. Use the select buttons to select the employee for whom and the date for when the clocking is to be added. Enter the time for the clocking and also the direction. The Comment box can be used to make any necessary comments about the clocking or the select button can be used to select a predefined reason.

    If the Clocking is also a Job Clocking, select the Job Clocking check box and use the Job Costing option to define the Job Categories.  A hand icon will now be displayed, indicating that a manual add has been made.




    • If a Clocking needs to be changed, highlight the Clocking to be changed and then click on the Change_button.png button. Edit the Clocking information and then select Ok_button.png button to save the changes. A hand icon will now be displayed, indicating that a manual change has been made.


    When an Error has been fixed, it will disappear from the list. Clear all System Errors from the list and once they have all been cleared, the Error icon (STOP) in the toolbar will show a green (Go) icon again.


    Please Note: Errors involving shift definitions will have to be corrected in the Configuration Module. You also may find that it will be easier in some cases to fix errors outside of the Errors list screen. This could be in the case where you've made an error with the bulk clockings.  In that case, after fixing the errors, you can re-process all the errors, using the Re-process All Errors button, to remove them.


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