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Editing Warnings Types

    System warnings can be created or changed in the Configuration module.

    Viewing the System Warnings

    To view the Warnings that are available for use, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Warnings option from the Setup dropdown menu and the Browse the Warnings Types window will be displayed.

      Browse Warning Types.jpg

      The Browse Warnings Types window provides:


    1. Display options. These options are used to select the order in which the Warnings are to be listed.
    2. Warnings List. This is a list of all the System Warnings that have been created and includes:
    1. Code. This is the numerical and color code that is used to identify the particular warning.
    2. Default Description. This is the system default description of the particular warning.
    3. Description. This is a description that is given to the particular warning.
    4. Type. This identifies if the warning is used (System) or not (Ignored).
    5. Error.  This shows if the warning is also classified as an employee error (tick mark).
    1. Refresh button.  Used to refresh the display once a change has been made.
    2. Send To button. Used to send the current window’s information to a printer, a file or as e-mail.
    3. Add button. Used to add new warnings to the list.
    4. Change button. Used to edit an existing warning.
    5. Remove button. Used to remove a selected warning from the list.
    6. Close button. Used to close the window.

    Change an Existing Warning

    To change an existing system Warning, proceed as follows:

    1. At the Browse Warnings Types window, select and highlight the Warning to be changed and the click on the Change button. The Update Warnings Name window will be displayed.

      Update Warning Name.jpg
    2. Use the Ignore check box to select if the warning is to be active and used by the system (must not be selected) or if it is to be ignored by the system (selected – shows a tick mark).
    3. If the Description that is displayed and identifies the particular warning, use the Description text box and type in a new description for the warning.
    4. If the Color Codes used to identify the particular warning are to be changed, use the Foreground and Background select buttons to select the new colors or the Quick Select button.
    5. The Generate Error tick box is used (selected to show a tick mark) if the particular warning is required to generate an employee warning when activated.
    6. Select the Ok button to save the changes.

    Delete a Warning

    To remove a Warning from the system, proceed as follows:

    1. At the Browse Warnings Types window, select and highlight the warning to be deleted and the select the Remove button.
    2. When the delete confirmation window is displayed, select the Yes button to delete the warning from the list.

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