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The Tasks Menu

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    One of the first menus you will notice is the Tasks menu. All the options available from this dropdown menu are all driven by wizards that guide you through each task. System tasks like adding or removing an employee can be done from here. Other tasks include processing an employee’s leave form and doing bulk editing of employee information. Below is an example of the Task Wizard window.




    Each task wizard guides you through each task, one step at a time.  Each step must be completed before the next can be started, and each step is thoroughly explained on the screen.  These tasks are ideal for new users of CS Time, or if you are doing something you don't often do.

    The options from the Tasks drop down menu include:

    1. Add Employee to this program:  This wizard is used to add a new employee to the system.
    2. Remove Employee from this program:  This is used to remove an employee from the system.
    3. Process Employee Leave Application:  This is used to assist you with processing a leave application.
    4. Assign a card to an Employee:  Used to assign a clocking/access card to an employee.
    5. Assign a Temporary card to an Employee:  Used to assign a temporary clocking/access card to an employee.
    6. Issue a Visitors card:  Used to assign a clocking/access card to a visitor.
    7. Release Card. This option is a wizard that guides you through the steps required to release all temporary and visitor’s cards.
    8. Add Bulk Clockings:  Used to manually generate clockings for a group of employees.
    9. Add Bulk Daily Hours:  Used to add daily hours to a group of employees.
    10. Add Bulk Payroll Hours:  Used to add payroll hours to a group of employees.
    11. Add a Public Holiday:  Used when adding a new public holiday to the system.
    12. Add Report to ToolbarCreates a shortcut button for a specified report in a toolbar at the top of the window.
    13. Mute Sirens:  Used to mute all sirens that are connected to clocks.
    14. Override Sirens:  Used to override all current siren setups for all connected clocks to use a selected siren set.
    15. Set Lock Date: Locks all the payroll data for an employee or a group of employees up to a certain date to prevent any changes from being made.


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