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Errors Option

    The general cause for clocking errors is when employees forget to clock IN or forget to clock OUT for a shift. Try to fix errors on a regular basis. Remember a little work today leaves fewer errors for tomorrow.



    Information Displayed

    The Browse Errors page displays the processing errors for all the employees you supervise for a selected period.



    You can change the period you are viewing by entering or selecting new dates in the From Date and To Date fields.

    It is also possible to limit the view to a specific employee group (like a department) by selecting a new group using the lookup button W_Lookup.jpg.

    Refresh Errors List:  This button will refresh the errors list.

    Reprocess all Errors:  This button will initiate a reprocess of all the employee errors.  Use this button if there are "Missing Daily Hours Record" errors for dates which had errors which you have fixed.

    Fixing Errors

    To fix an error, first highlight the error record in the list, and click on the fix button W_FixButton.jpg.  If it is a clocking error a page will open displaying the employee's clockings.



    You can Insert or Change a clocking from this window.

    Changing a clocking

    To change clocking details, select the clocking record you want to change and click on the Change button.


    Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the Save button. The clocking will now be marked as a manual clocking ManualRecordIcon.jpg.

    Adding a clocking

    To add a clocking, click on the Insert button.



    Enter the clocking details taking care to select or enter the date of the clocking.  Click on the Save button when you are done.

    The clocking will now be marked as a manual clocking ManualRecordIcon.jpg with "web" as the card number.


    Once you have corrected the employee's clockings, click on the Close button.  If the problem has been fixed the error record will disappear from the list after a few seconds.



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