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Leave Option

    This option allows you view and edit leave records for the employees you manage.  It is only visible for supervisors and web adminstrators.



    Information Displayed

    To view employee leave records for a period, select the Leave Option in the Browse menu.




    A maximum of 15 records are shown on a page.

    Use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to scroll between the pages.


    The following icons are used in the first two columns on the left:

    The record has been locked and cannot be edited.
    An approved record which will be used during processing.
    A pending record that requires approval from the supervisor.
    The record has been removed.

    Filtering optionsEdit section

    You can filter the information you are viewing with the following options:

    1. Employee Group:  Change the employee group displayed i.e. you can select to view employees in a specific department.  Click on the lookup button W_Lookup.jpg to view the employee group selections available to you. The Lookup Employee Group page will open:


      Click on the group you wish to view and then click on the Select button.
    2. You can change the period you are viewing by entering or selecting new dates in the From Date and To Date fields.
    3. Using the Request Status drop down list you can select to view All, Approved, Pending records or records marked as Deleted.
    4. You can selecte to view All or one type of leave using the Leave Type drop down list.



    You can sort the information displayed in ascending or decending order by clicking on the header of the column you wish to sort by.




    In the partial screenshot above, the leave records have been sorted by Status.


    When there is more than 15 records in the selected period you can use the Locate (Position) field to search for specific information.  Example: if you are looking for the leave record of a specific employee, first change the sort order to Emp No, type the employee number in the Locate field and click next to the field to initiate the search.  The informatioin shown will refresh to the first record for the employee in the selected period.



    Managing Leave Information

    Adding a Leave Record

    To add a leave record, click on the Insert button. The Update Leave window will open.




    The General Tab

    The General Tab has the following options:

    • Employee Number:  The employee number will default to the employee highlighted in the list view.  Used the button to select a different employee.
    • Status:  New records will default to pending.
      • Approved: Only available to supervisors when adding a leave record for an employee that they supervise.  An approved record will be used during processing.
      • Pending:  Pending records requires supervisor approval and is ignored during processing.
      • Deleted:  The record will be ignored during processing.
    • Leave Type:  Select the leave type from the drop down list.  The leave types must be configured in the TNA configuration module.
    • Requested On:  This date will default to the date the record is added on.
    • From Date:  The date of the first day the employee is on leave from.  You cannot have two leave entries of the same leave type with the same from date.
    • To Date:  The date of the last day the employee is on leave on.
    • Paid Leave Days:  Enter the number of paid leave days.  The number is suggested on the right of this field is determined according to the employee's shift settings.
    • Reason:  If necessary, enter a reason for the leave taken.

    The Add Daily and Payroll Hours Tabs

    The Add Daily Hours and Add Payroll Hours tabs allows you to manually add leave hours.  The Insert and Change buttons only becomes available once a leave type was selected in the General tab that allows for hours to be manually added.




    When clicking on the Insert or Change button the Daily or Payroll Hours Form window will open.



    Enter the necessary details like employee number, date and the number of hours for the leave day. 

    Click on Save to save the leave record with the manual hours entry.

    Changing or Removing a Leave Record

    To change an existing record, click on the record to select it and click on the Change button.  You can then change any of the options except the employee number in the Update Leave form.

    To remove a leave record i.e. permanently delete it from the database, click on the record to select it and click on the Delete button.

    Leave Approval via Email

    TNA can be configured to send an email to an employee's supervisor when they add a leave record from the web interface. The supervisor can then approve or decline the leave application from the sent email.


    There are three steps in configuring the Leave Emails feature:

    1. The Leave Email feature has to be enabled in the Configuration module: click on the icon to open the system features and select the Leave option.


      Click on the Leave Emails option to enable it. You can also select from the following options to further modify the leave emails:
      • Supervisor Comment. Include the supervisor comment in the notification email to the employee after the supervisor has approved or declined the leave application.
      • Amount Left. Show the amount of leave days left on the leave emails.
      • No Supervisor password on emails. If not selected the supervisor would need to enter his/her web password to approve or decline a leave application.
    2. You also need to configure the Send Email settings in TNA for leave emails to be sent.  Open the Configure Send-Email Settings Wizard from the Task menu in the Configuration module.
    3. Enter the work email addresses for your employees and supervisors in the employee masterfile:



    The Leave Application

    Once the Leave Emails feature has been enabled a leave application email will be sent to an employee's supervisor when he/she applies for leave from the web inteface.

    The content of the email sent to the supervisor shows the leave application details as shown below.



    Approving or Declining a Leave Application

    The supervisor can now approve or decline by clicking on the link in the email application.




    The link will open the Update Leave form in the default web browser and the supervisor can the change the status to approved or deleted.



    If required the supervisor would need to enter his/her web interface password before clicking on Save to update the leave status.

    The supervisor will see confirmation of his/her actions on screen after saving and the employee will receive an email informing him/her of the update.



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