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Reports Option

    This option enables you to print selected reports to which you have been granted access using the CS Time Configuration module.




    A PDF viewer or web browser plug-in e.g. Adobe Reader.

    Information Displayed

    When selecting the Reports option, a page will be displayed a list of reports that have been assigned to you.



    A maximum of 15 records are shown on a page.

    Use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to scroll between the pages.

    Using Reports

    Assigning Reports

    Web users are assigned access to reports via the CS Time Configuration module using the Assign Reports to Users (Web) option from the Reports dropdown menu.




    By double-clicking on the current report access status, the report will be enabled (Yes) or disabled (No) for the selected employee in the CS Time Web interface.

    Printing a Report

    Select the report in the list you wish to print an then click on the Print button.

    Depending on the type of report, the next page will require input to define the report parameters.




    Select between printing the report to screen or Email.  If you have selected email a filed to enter the Email Address will become available.  When you email a report the report attachment will by default be a text document, but you also have an option to email it as a PDF attachment by selecting Make PDF File.  A report printed to screen will be printed as a new page in the web browser.

    Next select the report options e.g. From date, To Date, Primary Sort, etc.

    Note on the Select Employees option: you can select a group of employees in the column on the left.  All the employees in the group will then be displayed in the column on the right.  If you want to print a report for one employee, select the employee name in the column on the right.

    Please Note: Employee groups or employee selections for reports are limited to the employee who is logged into the web interface and if they are a supervisor, to those employees who fall in their group.

    Select the Print button to generate the report.




    Above is an example of a report printed to screen.




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