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Warnings Option

    The Warnings option allows a supervisor to view the warnings that have been generated for a selected period.




    Information displayed

    To view employee warnings for a period, select the Warnings Option in the Browse menu.




    A maximum of 15 records are shown on a page.

    Use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to scroll between the pages.


    The only icon that is used  is which indicates that a warning has been excused.

    Filtering options

    You can filter the information you are viewing with the following options:

    1. Employee Group:  Change the employee group displayed i.e. you can select to view employees in a specific department.  Click on the lookup button W_Lookup.jpg to view the employee group selections available to you. The Lookup Employee Group page will open:


      Click on the group you wish to view and then click on the Select button.
    2. You can change the period you are viewing by entering or selecting new dates in the From Date and To Date fields.


    You can sort the information displayed in ascending or decending order by clicking on the header of the column you wish to sort by.




    In the partial screenshot above, the records have been sorted by Emp Number.


    When there is more than 15 records in the selected period you can use the Locate (Position) field to search for specific information.  Example: if you are looking for the clockings of a specific employee, first change the sort order to Emp Number, type the employee number in the Locate field and click next to the field to initiate the search.  The information shown will refresh to the first record for the employee in the selected period.



    Excusing Warnings

    Warnings can be marked as excused and a comment added as to why.

    To excuse the warning, click on the warning you wish to excuse and then click on the Change button.  The Changing Warning Record window will open.




    You can now mark the warning as excused and add a comment.

    Please note: Excused warnings have no effect on hours processing.


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