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The Cards Option

    This option is used to add or remove card numbers assigned to an employee.



    Information Displayed

    The Browse Employee Cards page will display the card numbers assigned to the selected employee.




    Assign Card.  Use the lookup button to open a list of available card numbers.

    Cards already assigned to the employee.  A list of active card numbers that are assigned to the employee.

    Managing Card Numbers

    Adding a card number

    To assign a new card to the employee, click on the lookup button next to Assign Card. The Lookup Card window will open listing all the available (unassigned) card numbers. 

    Use the First, Previous, Next or Last buttons to scroll through the list or search for a card number by entering the number in the Locate field and clicking outside of the field to start the search.




    Click on the card number you want to assign and click on the Select button to add the card to the employee.

    Removing a card number

    To remove a card number assigned to the employee, click on the button next to the card you want to be remove.  The removed card will now be visible in the list of available cards.



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