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The Daily Roster Option

    View and manage your or your employee’s Daily Shift Roster.



    Information Displayed

    Calendar View

    The Roster Calendar will display all Daily Shift Rosters for a twelve month period.




    Daily Shifts can be suppressed from the display by unselecting the the daily shifts from the Shifts Key.

    To move backwards and forwards through the months use the and buttons.

    Viewing rosters for one month

    You can zoom in on one month by clicking on the button in the month header. A new window will open showing the daily shift rostering entries for that month.



    List View

    To view the Rosterings in a List format, click on the List tab.




    The List view will list all the Daily Hours Rosters for the selected period that is defined using the From and To Date fields.

    Changing Daily Roster Information

    Adding a Daily Roster

    In the Calendar view, left-click on the particular day and when in the List view, select the Insert button and the following window will be opened.




    Fill in the required information and then select the Save button.

    Change a Daily Roster

    In the Calendar view, left-click on the particular Roster to be changed and in the List view select the particular Roster and then click on the Change button and the Update Employee Daily Roster window will be opened (see Adding a Daily Roster).

    Make the necessary changes and then click on the Save button.

    Delete a Daily Roster

    You can only delete a Roster in the List view.

    Select the roster to be deleted, click on the Delete button and confirm your choice to delete the entry.

    The rostering entry will now be permanently deleted.


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