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The Employee Leave Option

    The Employee Leave Option allows you to manage employee leave i.e. employees apply for leave and view the status of the leave applications and supervisors can approve or decline leave applications.

    Also see the document on the Leave Option for more information about working with leave in the CS Time web interface.



    Information Displayed

    Calendar View

    The employee leave calendar shows the selected leave types on a 12 month calendar.




    You can change the range of the 12 month period by clicking on the or  buttons found on the first and last months on the calendar.

    Leave Types

    Select which leave types you wish to view on the calendar by selecting or de-selecting the leave type in the left column.




    The Not Approved and Pending options will show declined and pending leave on the calendar for the selected leave types i.e. if you want to see pending sick leave records Pending and Sick must be selected in the leave type list.

    Leave types which are configured as paid leave types are indicated as such in the Paid column on the right.

    Viewing leave for one month

    You can zoom in on one month by clicking on the button in the month header. A new window will open showing the leave entries for that month.




    List View

    The employee's leave can also be viewed in list format by selecting the List tab at the top of the window.




    Enter a From and a To Date to specify the period for which you want to view the leave entries for.

    Request Status. Select to see All, Pending, Deleted or Approved records.

    Leave Type. By default you will see all the leave types, but you are able to limit the list to one selected leave type only.

    Managing leave records

    Calendar view

    You can change (and delete existing leave records by clicking on any day of that leave record in the 12 month calendar or on the one month view. 

    You can add a leave record by clicking on a day which has no exisiting leave record.

    These actions will open the Update Leave form.

    List view

    Leave can be added, changed or declined by using the Insert and Change buttons which will open the Update Leave form.

    A leave record can be permanently deleted by clicking on the Delete button.



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