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Firmware Ver 6 & 7 Comparison

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    If you have a newer ZK device, it might have the version 7 firmware. Below is a feature comparison between version 6 and 7.


    Capesoft.png Version 6 Version 7
    Version6.png Version7.png
    TCP communication port Hardcoded on 4370 User defined
    User defined function keys No.png Yes.png
    Maximum characters for user ID 5 9
    Supports alphanumeric user ID No.png Coming Soon
    Duplicate punch period No.png Yes.png
    T9 input for name field (Employee names) - Specific models only Yes.png Yes.png
    Particular finger selection for enrollment No.png Yes.png
    DHCP & DNS No.png Yes.png
    Passwords (Keypad) 8 Digits 8 Digits
    FP version algorithm 9 & 10 9 & 10
    External Bell / Siren support (Specific models only) No.png Yes.png
    Punch state required (Much select IN or OUT) No.png Yes.png
    Support for leading zero’s on User ID No.png No.png
    FP sensitivity setting Yes.png Yes.png
    Forced direction on verification No.png Yes.png
    User privileges Fixed (User & Admin) STD + User defined
    Backup & restore USB Only Onboard + USB
    USB Transaction download Yes.png Yes.png


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