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    The TNA Web interface is designed to give employees and supervisors’ access to employee clockings, employee hours, reports, shift rostering and leave information for the employee or for the supervisors’ group of employees, via an internet browser.



    What the Supervisor Can Do

    1. Approve or decline leave requested by an employee in the supervisor’s group.
    2. Approve or decline daily hours requested by an employee in the supervisor’s group.
    3. Place an employee in the supervisor’s group, on a new rostered shift or change a rostered shift.
    4. Update employee masterfile details.
    5. Print selected reports for an employee or group of employees who fall within the supervisors group.
    6. Add a new employee.

    What the Employee Can Do

    1. An employee can clock in and out via the web interface.
    2. An employee can add daily hours for a day or days. These hours will always have a pending status until being approved or not approved by the supervisors.
    3. They can print selected reports for them selves.
    4. Apply for leave for them selves.
    5. View daily roster information.



    1. Doing a Backup at least once a day is a VERY GOOD THING.  If you do not make backups then you risk losing all your data, which is a BAD THING.
    2. If you are on a network, and your TNA data is stored on a network server, then DO NOT rely on the network backup.  It never hurts to have an additional copy of the data, and your network may not be able to completely backup data files which TNA is using.



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