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This documentation site is for is for the person installing, managing and using Eco Time.

It is still in its toddler phase, but we'll keep on updating it to give our Eco Time users as much information as possible.

A bit of history

Eco Time is a time management software package that has evolved into its current form since the 1990's.

It started life known as TNA 2000, then morped into TNA 4, TNA 5, TNA 6 and in 2014 became CS Time.

It was rebranded as Eco Time in 2017. Many of the windows, processes and features in the latest versions are similar to what can be found in previous version.

New to Eco Time?

We suggest you have a look at the documents under Installing Eco Time, Quick Start. There are instructions on how to quickly add your employees in order to get them clocking, as well as instructions around the basics of using Eco Time.  


Please note: We've moved our documentation site to a new platform, so there may be some information missing or the content looks in disarray. Please be patient while we correct this.